Jesus GonzalezI started hitting the keyboard when I got my first 8086 in the 90’s. It hardly could run any game, so I invested my time on researching how their launching batch files were made. Thanks to that, I started creating my own text games and ASCII animations. I discovered a new world under the bits! Was then when I started loving software development.

The hope of creating amazing things still remains and I try to reflect that on my three passions: Family, drawing and software development (of course!).

I started working as Software Developer at FinancialForce in 2008, where I got my initial contact with apex. And since then I didn’t get bored. The great working atmosphere, the company spirit and the unstoppable growth of the Salesforce ecosystem, inspire my working days. I daily face many challenges and that’s the fun of the work. I hope this blog can mirror that spirit and you enjoy it like I do!