Clarity Driven Development

A new mindset for developers

codey meditandoMay the be with you

When one has been coding for a few years, there is a moment in which we look back and realize that our coding practices have changed dramatically. That turning point can take us to the dark side or the light side.

The dark side is not constructive. Perhaps it is our ego that speaks. We could defend the coding practices we adopted during our years of experience, maybe just because someone else said that was the way to go. Although we could be based on very solid arguments, we would be also missing the core concepts that made such reputed software engineer to define them. A Jedi uses the for knowledge and defense, never for attack. We could still be writing good enough code though (maybe by mistake :-D).

The light side is constructive. When we do an effort to make your code clean and easier to understand, we are thinking on someone, we still don’t know, that will be reading your code. We demonstrate empathy to the developer of that uncertain future. If you are one with the force, you’ll have taken those lessons, not as a recipe, but as the foundations of your own thinking. Your own style. You’ll be ready to appreciate the details and love the code written by those remarkable developers you support.

The programming tools or techniques help building scalable and maintainable software, but you should better have to take the pillars that made them a standard to follow for everyone. You would then be in the light side. Which one you choose, Jedi?

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