One Batch Apex to rule them all (Part II)

Program to interfaces, not implementations

Watch Out!! Bulkified zone!!

In the firsts part of this post, we saw how to isolate the batch apex logic from the operations performed. You can find the full code in the versiononefirst repository.

But today, we are going to extend it further by making our batch apex handler able to perform a list of operations. We’ll also be adding more features and introducing some new concepts as we progress. Get ready… Let’s go!

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One Batch Apex to rule them all (Part I)

Don’t repeat yourself

If you have been working with apex some time, you’ll probably know what a Batch Apex is. Even, you probably created more than one batch apex class to support your most demanding processes, right?

But haven’t you being copying and pasting most of the code, to finally amend some bits of it? Don’t they look too similar at the end? Don’t look around, I won’t tell anybody you did it 🙂 It might not be as bad as it seems, because you probably wanted to provide the same user experience and error handling on all your processes. We’ll work on this now. Are you ready?

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