Welcome to version one first!

A long journey to learning.

Recently, Simon Goodyear (Salesforce MVP), during a Salesforce DUG event, said: “Make the version one first“. That’s a good advice, isn’t it? Developers trend to be too perfectionist, indeed. We never feel happy enough with the code we are witting. We would be improving it forever! That sentence inspired me much and that’s because I’m creating this blog.

There are lot of places around the huge internet world were we, developers, can find tutorials, introductions, experiences, experiments, etc, about the Salesforce technology and development in general. Then, why another one?

Because, the three w’s have the information, but finding what you are looking for, and in the desired degree of depth, takes long. This is why I’ll be creating articles, in a level based way. As you have just guessed, there will be a place for the version one, being that the one with less knowledge requirements and followed by a more elaborated ones. Hopefully, some of them will fulfill your needs.

On the other hand, I have been seduced by the irresistible need of express my ideas and findings to the vast world of dev community. Hey mom! Look what I can do! So I’ll do a bit of therapy here 🙂

There will be a place for the other bloggers I admire much. I’ll gather here some of my very favorite blogs in my catablog.

Hope you find useful stuff here. Welcome, and enjoy!

long journey